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Clearly expresses your brand. Makes your project stand out. Displays content clearly and professionally.

Design services that work for you

Good design is about more than just arranging things in a certain way.

The way you plan, curate, arrange and present your content can express your meaning and message in a certain way. Whatever your design needs, we can help to present your project in a way that is clear and attractive to your audience.

Website design

A well designed website includes great graphics, compelling copy, strategic calls to action, structured layout, and simple user experience, to name a few.

Whether you want a simple website you can update yourself, or an ecommerce site to sell your products, our website design services can get you there.

Book design

Making your story look good on paper and on screen is paramount to attracting attention among millions of titles.

We work closely with you to display your story and content in a way that will appeal to your target demographic, clearly represent the genre, and hint at your theme and message.

Brand design

From logos to brand colours, visual identity to professional graphics, we can help you to present your content in a way that fits your brand values.

Brand design is about consistency and simplicity. We can help you to plan out a look and feel that is unique to you. We specialise in all things quirky, creative & expressive.

Quirky logo design

Stand out with a quirky illustrated logo that is unique and expresses your brand.

We love the unusual and the expressive. If you are looking for a logo and accompanying design that is a bit different, we can help. From hand-drawn to bright and simple, whatever you have in mind for your logo, we can help bring it to life.

Designs created for our clients

Hover over or click on any image to see the examples in colour:

Frequently Asked Questions

What design can we help with?

Design is that cover-all term that describes the presentation of all sorts of content and objects.

We specialise in design for books, business, website and editorial. If it’s presented on paper or screen, we can apply our quirky yet logical touch to it. If you have a query about a project, get in touch and we will let you know if it’s something we can help you with.

Are there discounts for bigger projects?

We can provide reduced rates for larger projects.

This works well if you want to go the whole hog: all in content management! Also works well for more involved projects like a large website or book.

What is the turnaround?

That depends on the nature of the work.

We will set up a project plan for all of our design services once we know what is involved in the project, providing communication points at various stages so you can see where we’re at. Of course, if there are any unforeseen delays, we’ll let you know in advance and try to compensate accordingly.

If you have a set deadline it’s always best to let us know in advance so we can prepare for it. One of our company values is that we are flexible. And, yes, that does mean working well into the evening if needed!

What is the design process?

We keep our process as straight forward and as logical as possible.

We’ll set up a plan at the beginning of the project, so you know exactly what to expect and when.

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