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Website. Children’s Book. Advertising campaign. Business products.

Illustrations that fit your project

The best illustrations capture people’s attention instantly. They tell a story, convey a message, and make people think.

All illustrations are by artist Becky Stout and are created and styled to fit perfectly with your project.

You tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work with you from concept to completion to bring that idea to life…

Book illustrations

A great cover is the first step to attracting attention on the shelf.

The second step is to successfully capture the imagination of young readers and hold their attention from start to finish. This is done through great storytelling and seamless illustrations.

Business illustrations

From packaging illustration to editorial images, social media and content illustration to logo and brand imagery.

Whatever graphics your business needs, we can help you bring it to life with fully scaleable vector or raster illustration.

Advert illustrations

Illustrations can capture and convey your advertising message in a unique way.

Vibrant, vivid, unusual or controversial. They key is to capture attention, get your brand and message across and leave a memorable after-impression.

Website illustrations

Your website is more than just an online shop window.

Good websites build trust through carefully curated copy, images and calls to action. Illustrations pin-point your message and create a sensory response in your reader through visual storytelling.

Illustrations we’ve created for our clients

Hover over or click on any image to see the examples in full colour:

Here’s what people say about us


Thanks Becky, we are so pleased with what you have done for us!!! We love our mascot squirrel!

Mandy Cardwell

Director, In The Zone Ltd

Becky’s artwork for the cover of my book, The Chosen, is absolutely fantastic!

When I first saw her concept art I knew she was the artist I wanted for the cover! She captured the emotion of the two main characters with incredible detail.

She is a very talented woman!

Tom Horn

Author, Tom Horn Author

Thank you to Becky Stout, of Stand Out Stories, for bringing Jessica and Lucy to life in her amazing illustrations – Jessica and Lucy are exactly how I imagined them to be.  

SJ Dawson

Author, SJ Dawson - author

Becky literally plucked the fairy illustrations straight from my mind and breathed life into them, and Ben perfected the design of the book so it all flows together like a story. Beautiful.

Donna Philips

Owner, That Beautiful Mind

Your illustration samples have a sense of freedom about them, uninhibited drawing style and nothing contrived in execution. Though they are ideal for children’s books, they are not child-like stylistically – rather, they are aspirational and positive.

Great work! You have a long career ahead of you – take it from someone who has been working in advertising for 55 years!

Big Al Gruswitz

Owner, Boundless Creativity

Love all of your designs Becky! You have a wonderful way of capturing the essence of a message in your illustrations – quite a talent!

Sarah Musique

Leadership and Team Development Coach, Think Musique

Becky Stout is a fabulous illustrator and artist, as well as a creative copywriter.

Having worked with Becky, I am amazed at her ability to work in many different genres and I’m always impressed with how she translates scenes from a book in to a perfect piece of artwork.

Viv Ainslie

Publisher, Purple Parrot Publishing

There are no words for how much I love your art. Your illustrations take me back to childhood, so thank you.

Louise Cartwright

Owner, Louise Cartwright High Performance Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does illustration cost?

This is our number 1 question!

It’s difficult to provide a standard cost to a service that is tailored to an individual brief with variations in size, cost, detail, etc. Here are some ball park figures:

Single illustrations often average between £75 and £500.

Picture book illustrations start from £1,750 based on a 32 page children’s picture book and can go up into the region of £5,000 or more. It all depends on how much detail you want.

How does licensing and copyright work?

Unless otherwise stated, copyright of all illustrations are licensed via a Copyright Agreement. This specifies the provision and terms of exclusive usage rights to the client, whilst the artist retains ownership rights to the original works. 

This is not the case for marketing and branded materials. As the illustrations are created for a brand / business copyright ownership can be assigned to the business, allowing you to retain ownership over brand materials (for example an illustrated logo). 

How many changes are allowed?

This is specified and agreed in a Contract Agreement. Usually we allow one round of changes per image. For example, can you make the t-shirt blue instead of green, and change the position of the arms.

The amount of time spent on changes can vary for one round and that is agreed at the discretion of the artist. Extra changes above this are charged at a standard hourly rate. 

What is the turnaround?

That depends on the nature of the work and how regularly you wish to post/publish work.

A character design can be turned around in a few days. A full colour, 32 page picture book can take 3 months. 

Regardless of the scope of your project, we always put together a project plan and set milestone deadlines. If there is likely to be a delay for any reason (for example ill health, image and project changes, external events), then we’ll let you know in advance and review the project plan. 

What is the illustration process?

First, we determine the scope of work. You send us a brief, fill in an outline brief questionnaire, or we can talk through the project with you.

Second, is the concept phase. This includes character designs, concept art, or image ideas/descriptions/sketches.

Third, sketches are produced and approved. Compositional changes can be made at this stage.

Fourth, lineart and/or colour of the illustration. If defined lineart and colour are used, we complete the lineart and have this approved before adding colour. It’s quicker and more cost effective to pick up any changes at this point before having to change multiple layers of colour.

Fifth, we will take care of reprographics and file exporting at the corrcet sizes and file types, and send them to you.

Are there discounts for bigger projects?

We can provide reduced rates for both retained contracts and big projects. A children’s picture book including cover etc will be charged at our reduced project rate. 

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